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Why Organic Food Is Better for Your Health?

Why organic food is better for your health

Getting the right decisions at the grocery store for you can often be a confusing task. There are so several products to pick from that all look to do the same thing.
But, the many products at your grocery store are usually connected with several different hidden costs. At nature’s path, we think about the power of organics and have gathered a list of causes we consider organics will help you on your way to becoming better and healthier.

Organic food better for health

Why organic food is better for your health?

Organics Keep GMOs Out of Food

Not only does the organic certification guarantee there are no toxic chemicals on food, but it also ensures that they are not GMOs. Among other things, GMOs are usually directed to be utilised in conjunction with a single toxic chemical, such as Round-Up or Agent Orange. Hence, buying organic is taking a stand against the big chemical producing companies that have poisoned the world’s food and fields.

Organic Farming Maintains Healthy Soil

Just how your preferences at the grocery store direct your health, they also manage the health of the earth. Non-organic foods are sprinkled with very poisonous chemicals that kill everything other than the product itself. This involves the living organisms that a plant requires to grow and make the soil nutrient-rich. Once those organisms are destroyed off they are replaced with artificial fertilizers, more toxic chemicals.

Organics Don't Hinder the Growth of Super Strains

Nature regularly changes. Spraying chemicals to remove bugs only makes them grow, adapt to defeat the terrible toxins we practice to kill them. There will always be something that feeds the plant, and it will remain to grow and adapt till we no longer have control over it. The toxins we apply will ultimately become weak and plants and pests will become much more harmful.

Organic Farming Supports Pollinators

Herbicides and Pesticides do not distinguish between good and bad insects, it just kills all of them. For there to be living on earth we require to keep a particular level of biodiversity; this covers everything from the largest mammals to the smallest of bugs. Organic agriculture practices healthful growing methods that intend to keep that certain level of biodiversity.

Organics Support a Healthier Farm Lifestyle and a Healthier Community

Growing food organically does not hurt the surrounding area in which it’s grown. Unlike non-organic methods, organics maintain toxins outside of the air, out of the water and out of the soil. Farmers aren’t opened to herbicides and pesticides all day; and if food is purchased at the market where it’s grown, it decreases transportation costs and emissions.

Organic Foods Are Often More Nutrient-rich

Organic foods get their nutrients right from healthy, rich, organic soil. If the soil is good then there should be no requirement for fertilizers. Non-organic products get their nutrients from artificial fertilizers made from fossil fuels. Years of not providing the soil with organic material force farmers to supplement synthetic fertilizers. This manages to nutrient-deficient crops grown from the same thing that fuels our cars.

Organics Are Typically Not Monocropped

Planting a particular crop in a large area (AKA: monocropping) leaves that crop very exposed to being cleaned out by a single disease or pest. Farmers are forced to sprinkle chemicals that destroy absolutely everything other than the crop itself. As a consequence, that crop is loaded with chemicals which humans should not be ingesting. Producing lots of diverse plants attracts lots of different insects, all of whom end up working in harmony to support healthy plants and a healthy earth.

Organics Don't Cost Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

Farming is not an easy job. The work is difficult and the pay can be small. To retain the very expensive, large scale, non-organic farming method running millions of taxpayer dollars require to be given out in subsidies. Furthermore, the consequences of non-organic methods need to be dealt with… There are a few more amounts in the cleanup, repair, and public health. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money go towards creating a big mess, then making a very questionable job cleaning it up.

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