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5 of the most used spices in Indian Cooking

Spices in Indian cooking

The moment we hear the word ‘diet’ in our mind, we imagine a picture at the back side of the head that our meals would be steamed, boiled or a salad. Spices in Indian cooking are considered to be a big no when it comes to healthy eating habits. The most general spices that we use in our kitchen are actually uncommon when health benefits associated with these are taken into an account. 

Each and every spices found in an indian kitchen have a strong power to bring a different taste in the food. Even scientists are now curious to explore the indian kitchen to figure out more health benefits linked with each spice. However, these must be consumed in moderation to reap the maximum health benefits, an excess of everything is bad.Also you can read our blog on how Doing crunches can help you to lose weight.

There are numerous Spices in Indian cooking but we will discuss the benefits of few of them:

5 Spices in Indian cooking

1. Turmeric:

This bright yellow powder is used daily in cooking by every indian. It has an immense anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. They have a capability to detoxify liver, helps preventing different cancer, acts as natural painkiller and speed up the healing of internal wounds.


2. Cardamom:

The distinctive flavour in most of our sweet dishes like kheer even tea is due to these minutes cardamom. The days you have got a bad breath they come quiet handy, 1 or 2 granules solves the problem. According to traditional Ayurveda, cardamom cures digestive system disorders, acidity and gas problems.

3. Cloves:

These tiny black sticks have the ability to relieve all kinds of dental pain and sore gums. They are also added in a group of seasoning garam masala. It helps in treating digestive problems, cough and cold.


4. Cumins:


Adding these seeds to your dish doesn’t change the nutrients of the diet; moreover it keeps the immune system healthy. They also provide an added flavour to summer drinks and helps in fighting flu, cures anaemia and digestive disorders.

5. Cinnamon:

They are brown colour sticks that resemble like a bark of a tree but have a refreshing flavour. It is beneficial for diabetic patients and gives relief from diarrhea, common cold, menstruation tension & weak blood circulation.


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