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Counting Calories

Counting calories

Counting Calories is not the best way to lose weight

Counting calories are everywhere but is it a good way to slim down and get healthy? Many ‘diet’ programs claim so, however, are they sustainable or are it more likely the extra weight creep back. This might sound ironic from us as a lot of our posts compare calories and macros. What if we tell you – when it comes to weight loss, all calories are not the same.

What does this mean?

This means that calories that come from one food might not be the same as calories that come from other food.

If All Calories Are Equal, Can You Say That

Well, the fundamental flaw in calorie counting is that it never tells us about the hormonal response of the foods.450 KCal of brownie produces a lot more insulin as compared to the same KCal of oats. The same holds true for Beer and Chocolate. According to the calorie counting method, if you reduce 500 KCal a day for the next 7 days, you should lose 0.5 Kgs weight. But, this theoretical concept might not translate well in practical life.

So, Why is Calorie Used as a Method?

Calorie calculation came into the picture in the 1950s to tie together all the different foods on a single measurement scale. Moreover, it was popularized as you getaway to add exercise and burn all the calories you are eating. So, it serves big food corporations to justify their sugary and processed foods. They claim that you can drink their sugary cola and burn all the calories by exercising.

But, all sugary foods/drinks have a very high insulin response which takes your body into fat storage mode. If you eat food in a combination with high sugar and high fat and refined flour, it makes matter worse. Chances are, you are forcing your body to go into a fat-storage mode even if you stay on a calorie deficit diet.
But some of you might be thinking – I reduced by lowering calorie consumption.

How is This Possible?

If you lower your calorie intake, your body has a natural mechanism called metabolic adaptation. By lowering the calorie intake, your body adapts to the new intake and lowers your body’s metabolic rate itself. That’s how when you back to your normal portion size of eating, your weight bounces back in a very short time. Understand how you can improve your metabolism.

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