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Causes of Weight Gain

Causes of Weight Gain
Causes of weight gain, obesity is one of the biggest health obstacles in the world. It’s connected with many related conditions, collectively recognized as metabolic syndrome. These involve high blood pressure, high blood sugar and a lower blood lipid profile. People with metabolic syndrome are at significantly higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease compared to those whose weight is in a normal range.

Here Are Some Causes of Weight Gain


Obesity has a significant genetic element. Kids of obese parents are much more likely to be obese than kids of lean parents. That doesn’t mean that obesity is predetermined. What you eat can have a strong effect on which genes are expressed and which are not.

Non-industrialised societies fast become obese when they begin eating a typical Western diet. Their genes didn’t evolve, but the atmosphere and the signs they sent to their genes did.
Put; genetic parts do influence your sensitivity to gaining weight. Studies on identical twins show this very well.

Processed Junk Foods

Processed foods are usually little more than refined components combined with additives.
These products are intended to be cheap, last long on the shelf and taste so perfect that they are challenging to resist. By preparing foods as delicious as possible, food producers are trying to boost sales. But they also encourage overeating.
Most processed foods today don’t follow whole foods at all. These are highly Processed products designed to get people attention.

Food Habit

Many sugar-sweetened, high-fat junk foods excite the reward centres in your brain.
These foods are usually compared to regularly abused drugs like cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, and cannabis.

Junk foods can create addiction in susceptible people. These people lose control over their consuming behaviour, similar to people fighting alcohol addiction losing control over their drinking habits.

Addiction is a complicated problem that can be very challenging to defeat. When you addicted to something, you lose your liberty of choice, and the biochemistry in your brain starts calling the shots for you.


Insulin is an essential hormone that controls energy storage, among different things. One of its purposes is to tell fat cells to collect fat and hold on to their previously carry.

The Western diet increases insulin resistance in various overweight and obese people. This raises insulin levels all across the body, causing energy to get deposited in fat cells rather than being available for use.

While insulin’s use in obesity is uncertain, several investigations suggest that high insulin levels have a causal role in promoting obesity.

One of the safest ways to reduce your insulin is to cut back on refined or straightforward carbohydrates while boosting fibre consumption.

This usually leads to an automatic decrease in calorie consumption and easy weight loss — no calorie counting or portion control required.

Food Availability

Another factor influencing people’s waistline is food availability, which has grown massively in the past few centuries. Food, particularly junk food, is everywhere now. Shops present tempting foods where they are most likely to get your attention.

Another difficulty is that junk food is usually more affordable than healthy, whole foods.
Some people, especially in more impoverished neighbourhoods, don’t even have the option of purchasing natural foods like fruit and vegetables.
Convenience shops sell sodas, candy and processed junk foods.


Added sugar may be the only worst aspect of the new diet. That’s because sugar alters the hormones and biochemistry of your body when having in excess. This, in turn, adds to weight gain.

Added sugar is half glucose, half fructose. People get glucose from different foods, including starches, but most fructose gets from added sugar.

Excess fructose consumption may cause insulin resistance and high insulin levels. It also doesn’t improve satiety in the same way glucose does.

For all these causes, sugar adds to improved energy storage and, eventually, obesity.

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