Loading days :- First 2 days of the program

It is the most important phase of the program and should not be missed. For the first 2 days of the Program, you allow to eat whatever you like to . .

What is Healthdrops Loading Days and why its so important?? (first 2days):

The Healthdrops loading days generally makes up the first two days of the Healthdrops program. During these two days, you begin taking daily doses of Healthdrops diet drops while eating to capacity the most fattening food you can. It’s an integral part of the Healthdrops drops diet plan.

Most people think it’s pretty strange to attempt losing weight by first overeating for several days, although few really complain. After all, this is the only time you will ever be told that . Overeating is not only allowed, it’s required! The first day of the Healthdrops loading phase is often unbelievable, but by the second day most people start to feel sick of all the eating and just want to get on with the Healthdrops diet and start losing weight.

Yet the Healthdrops loading phase is an absolutely essential part of the Healthdrops Program. There are three important reasons:

1 Your reserve fat needs to be restocked

2 Healthdrops diet drops start absorbing in food pockets .

3 Loading will maximise your weight loss potential

How to take drops?

Place 10 drops under the tongue and hold for 45 seconds and swallow what is left. Do it 3 times per day before your main meals. (Do not waste drops, put 10 little drops onto a tea spoon than put them under your tongue)

Over these 2 days, Do your grocery shopping according to the phase 2 . Clear your home of all tempting food. Join our groups and social medias links are provided in Healthdrops app .


Every day as soon as you wake up, go to the toilet, then undress and record your weight on the app.
This is very important to weigh yourself daily, so you can figure out which food work best on you and we also can monitor your weight from our end and can direct you accordingly.

NOTE: The healthdrops program and healthdrops drops work in conjunction with each other. You cannot take the Hd drops and have your own meal plan. The foods have been carefully selected in the Healthdrops program as they present the least amount of sugars and starch (carbohydrates).

Additional Information: Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. If you have concerns, or wish to adjust the diet menu, send us a message regarding your thoughts on this and proceed with our guidance.